West Los Angeles’ Mirror Specialists

You’ve invested in your home, but have you put much thought into the glass and mirrors that adorn your walls? While you can save a few dollars by buying the generic mirror options at a department store, to truly reflect your home’s aesthetics, you need artisan-quality products. Over three decades of specializing in high-end residential and commercial glass installations have allowed us to effectively carve out a corner in the Los Angeles glass and mirror industry with our personalized consultations, extremely competitive prices, and dedication to quality. We specialize in creating luxury mirror solutions for the discerning homeowner. We carry a large inventory of the latest designs and styles, from post-modern chic to classic European inspired looks. Our team of glass artisans has decades of experience and can craft any unique feature into your mirror project. Contact us today to find out how we can best serve you.

Wall and wardrobe door mirrors

Invite light and open spaces with glass mirrors in your rooms. We know how to custom design and safely mount any mirror in any size, shape, and thickness with various edge finishes and tints. As Los Angeles’ leading glass fabrication and installation service, we can create a signature look and style to your mirrors that speaks to your unique tastes. We also offer stylish glass railings, windbreaks, doors, walls, and shower enclosures. We’ll listen to your needs and offer effective glass and mirror design options you’ll love. We pride ourselves on creating luxury glass fixtures and we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with our work. Call us today.

Vanity and wet bar mirrors

Reflecting your home’s aesthetics is the hallmark of our trade, and we take pride in our ability to create stunning glass and mirror pieces our clients cherish. Whether you’d like a mirror above your double vanity in the bathroom or you want a stylish new wet bar mirror your friends and family will love, we offer signature glass and mirror solutions. Our team of craftsmen can mirror your desires into a stylish reflective piece that will become a natural focal point in your home. We also offer skylights, glass shelving, and glass tabletops that combine both form and function effortlessly. Give your home a luxury look and feel that truly reflects your tastes; contact the glass and mirror professionals at Westoaks Glass and Mirror today.

Custom mirror solution

While we offer a wide range of top glass and mirror products, we understand that sometimes no brand has the right look you want. That’s why we offer fully customized glass and mirror solutions. Our glass artisans can expertly craft a mirror or glass feature that meets your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations. From wall-to-ceiling bedroom mirrors to stylish vanity mirrors and glass enclosures, there’s no project we can’t handle. We’ve worked with countless private homeowners, corporations, and businesses in the region and we’ve built a reputation for stylish designs and unmatched service. Call us today to begin your custom mirror or glass design process.

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