Residential Glass Skylights in Los Angeles

At Westoaks Glass and Mirror, we are proud to design and manufacture some of the highest quality skylights in Los Angeles County. With a full line of both standard and custom skylights, we work hard to find an option for everyone. We have more than three decades of experience in design, installation, replacement, and repair services. Our knowledgeable glazier staff has helped us expand our reputation throughout the Los Angeles area. Thanks to our extensive styles of skylights, our well-respected brand, and our dedication to customer service, you will discover for yourself just how committed we are to providing quality service when you choose Westoaks Glass and Mirror.

Skylight Types

  • Pyramid skylights: Choose a glass pyramid skylight if you want a modern take on the traditional roof lantern. Pyramid skylights let in more daylight. In addition, because these do not have any aluminum on the glass, there is better insulation and fewer leaks, leading to improved energy efficiency. One of the most popular skylight varieties around, see for yourself why our pyramid skylights remain a customer favorite. Customize your pyramid skylight by choosing size, a selection of angles, and other options.

  • Flat skylights: If you’re looking for a skylight that’s undeniably stylish while being more discreet, choose a flat glass skylight in Los Angeles. Easy to clean due to our special coating, flat glass skylights provide significant noise reduction from disturbances such as rain or hail, and come with tempered glass for durability.

  • Hinged skylights: For clients who prefer having access to their roof to carry out maintenance while still having a skylight, our hinged glass skylights work as a cost-effective solution to do just that. This type of skylight can be either manually operated or controlled with just the touch of a button. Our hinged skylight comes with a spring-assisted opening, but remains entirely secure with our dual-locking mechanism. The perfect type of skylight solution to meet height-restricted roof terraces or other building codes, choose hinged skylights for the ultimate streamlined look for your roof.

  • Dome skylights: Maximize the amount of natural light your home gets with our glass dome skylights. These can be used on virtually any roof pitch and type, and comes with many options so it can be customized to your liking.

  • Ridge skylights: Perhaps the most customizable skylight, our ridge metal-framed skylight structures can be customized almost endlessly. Choose the width, length, finish options you prefer and add performance glazing, too, if you’d like. With fewer parts necessary for assembly, this option can be installed in no time.

We also provide skylight glass replacements, repairs, and maintenance throughout the Los Angeles area. From stock sizes to made-to-measure skylight solutions, we would be delighted to work with you.

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