tempered glass

When to upgrade to tempered safety glass

Tempered glass should be used where impact is dangerous. For example: patio doors, showers, pool enclosures or railings where a person can walk through it, table tops if being used as the actual top.

Annealed glass in these areas can cause great bodily harm or death due to the glass breaks in sharp shards.

The new code is that tempered glass must be used in all high fire danger areas like Malibu, Santa Barbara Pacific Palisades and most areas in California.

Tempered glass is seven times stronger than annealed glass.

We just finished a 5ft. high pool enclosure in Marina Del Rey. It included 4 gates with faub card entry with ½" clear tempered glass (will send pics after the pool is filled). Visit the C.R. Laurence website to see all the architectural railings and gates we use.